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    Zodiark, Lavender Beds, Ward 19 Plot 16

    Exile is a Nightclub in the beautiful district of Lavender Beds.
    Come and enjoy a cocktail at the bar, kick back and listen to our array of rock and metal music.
    Open every Monday 7:00pm to 10:00pm Server Time!

    © Exile - All Rights |Reserved


    • Strictly no minions or weapons are permitted at the venue. Hide them before entering.

    • All public chat (say shout yell) and emotes are to stay 100% SFW.

    • Screenshots are likely to be taken on the premises coming to Exile means that you are happy to have your picture taken.

    • If you intend to be in character it is recommended to use the RP tag so that other people know.

    • Yell channel is only to be used by the staff of Exile.

    • No gil is required for any of the drinks/snacks we offer. Although tips and donations are hugely appreciated.

    • Please keep your pants on when in the venue!


    • Not following the above rules, disrupting our events, harassing staff and/or others in the venue will earn you a permanent ban.


    Exile's main focus is to bring people together for a night of great music and dancing!

    We have a variety of Dancers at Exile, all ready to be hired. Just message Pinku Usagi to get more information and/or to book.

    The Dancers will be on the main stage and on the dancefloor.

    Each available dancer will have the green Looking for Group icon next to their name.


    ♥Lap Dance - 50,000g for no more than 30 mins dancer of choice
    ♥ Regular Private Room - 100,000g for 30 mins includes 1 dancer of choice
    ♥ Medium Private Room - 150,000g for 30 mins includes 2 dancers of choice
    ♥ Pool Room - 175,000g for 30 mins includes 1 dancer of choice. 50,000g per additional dancer (max 2)
    ♥ VIP Private Room with Minibar - 250,000g for 30 mins includes 2 dancers of choice (can hire up to 2 extra dancers)

    Cost of addition dancers are based off your group size.
    Small group (1-2 clients) - 50k
    Medium group (3-4 clients) - 75k
    Large group (5+ clients) - 100k

    There is a strict NO TOUCHING policy in Exile


    Head Office

    Elucia Diesel - Owner

    Inspired by the venues she has had the pleasure of visiting, Elucia decided it was time to open up her own place.
    She is eager and excited to offer a place for adventurers and night owls alike. She may even offer special VIP dances to her guests.... who knows!

    Pinku Usagi - Manager

    Pinku is new to the management role and has ambitious plans for Exile. She is full of gusto and is ready to rock this joint to the next calamity!
    Pinku is in charge of the Bookings for Private Rooms and Dancers.
    She is sweet and helpful, but is not afraid to put her foot down at times when it is needed.

    Aerelia Windwhisper - Partner and Barstaff

    Aerelia is the Owner of Serendipity and Partner of Exile. She helps Elucia run the club but is also a dancer.
    Aerelia is extremely new to the dancing scene and will come across as nervous and insecure about her new position though she has picked up a few tips from the dancers at her own place, she has a kind attitude and will always seek to impress others while being shy and quiet around people she doesn't know too well.

    Sarnai Oronir - Financial Advisor and Dancer

    Much like Mereoleona, Sarnai too is a Xaela raised as a Garlean, however was trained in combat rather than buisness. Sarnai is an ex mercenary contracted by the Empire to hunt down cults and religious sects that aimed to summon primals. No stranger to combat, she already works as security for other venues. Here however she lets her wild side out, dancing and headbanging along to her favourite metal tunes.


    Xenon Khan

    Born in a desert tribe located in the Steppes, he learned to hunt at night. Soon enough he became one with the night, dark and mysterious full of surprises and secrets. He devoted himself to a lethal martial art called Ninjutsu and trained from young age at sacred ninja clan in Yanxian hills. He offers his abilities on security matter to bring order and smoothness to those he serves.

    Lacee Redwood

    She may be a small Gecko and come across as cold and distanced but hidden inside of her she is gentle and caring. Even though she is small she won't accept being pushed around and she will bite you.


    Xi Rai

    "Saving people, hunting things, the family business."
    was what Xi Rai heard her whole life. And indeed she hunts things during the day, kills whatever seems to be a danger. Despite her cute appearance she can be very tough!
    During the nights tho, she throws away her cane and likes to sway her hips in clubs. If you manage to look behind the shy surface, you may be able to wake her fierce side.

    Sakura Lotus

    A small Au Ra who has been told by her friends that she is cute, with a hair color after her own name, who once fought for the world's salvation.
    She's been through a lot, and knows how to show determination when needed, but has been focusing on other parts of life since her accident.

    Back-up Barstaff

    Leiko Kuroka

    "Rules are for people too weak to break them". This simple truth had kept Leiko alive in a city full of pirates, thieves, and those with even less morals. Trusting no one but himself, his past was littered with the broken bones and broken hearts of those who got in his way or got too attached to the Seeker. Patrons beware: You may not only burn yourself on this hot-head but also be put back into your place if he finds you unworthy. Unruly behaviour in his company will be punished, to his enjoyment only.

    Emsti-Altair Denma- Dancer

    Some say he looks grumpy, some say he looks scary, but Emsti is a shy Au'ra, unless you hit the right buttons. Despite working at a few other Venues, Emsti is really insecure in what he's doing and likes to see his Customer smile or even blush, especially when he thinks they're cute. If you're lucky you'll even wake up his inner beast which he mostly only lets free when being around friends.

    Taihou Tsukiko

    Tai may seem cute and naive, but if you spend some time with her you'll immediately learn how experienced she is. If you try getting too close to have fun with her, chances are she's seen right through you and might be playing along, just don't expect to get your way with her, when she's the one calling the shots.

    Singing Mad

    Singing is a fun, outgoing Viera. After leaving her hometown at a young at of 16, she went round exploring all the different types of venues that she possible could get too. She's a little shy at the start but as soon as she gets going she becomes a different person. She loves to please people and tries her best to make her customers feel special and finds all of them to be cute.

    Selenophilia Orenda

    Selen is 25 years old. She loves to dance, flirt and laugh. The miqo'te lost her parents when she was 13 years old. But she never had to struggle cause her parents left her a whole lot of money. So she does this job for fun not for the money. Selen is a switch that really enjoyes both sides of it. She knows how to play with males and females well, so she prefers no gender.

    Bar Staff

    Sarah Blackmourn

    An adventurer and pirate at heart, Sarah's a free-spirited viera who has a knack for mixing drinks with a flair. As her scouring the world for adventure mellows down, she busies herself by exploring more of the nightlife that cities around Eorzea have to offer. Don't let her sweet and flirty demeanor fool you - the mother of two never fails to land her bullets when danger smiles at her.

    She is also the owner of By the Riverbend.

    Staff on Stand-by

    Flossy Poo - Dancer

    Flossy grew up watching the Ul'Dah girls dance but never really tried it until a recent visit to The Crystarium showed her just how fun it could be! Now somewhere between amateur and professional, she enjoys pleasing others through her dance moves and is no stranger to flexing her body when necessary. Although shy at first, she will soon loosen up and entertain with various styles. Flossy also works Security for Endless Nights.

    Annie Zilyana - Dancer

    Shortly after her birth in Gridania, Annie's parents mysteriously disappeared. She got taken in by a miqo'te mother who already had kits of similar age. However, it eventually became clear to the mother that Annie's horns were a danger to her kits, so on a trip to Limsa, she abandoned her. Annie had no choice but to steal to survive, causing her to meet more dishonest people than a little girl like her should, and resulting in bad memories that still haunt her. Later, an Au ra passing through saw Annie, and decided to adopt her into her free company, and Annie has called her "mistress" ever since.

    Mereoleona Vermillion - Dancer

    Adopted by a Garlean Family, Mereoleona grew up as a true Garlean lady while the blood of the Raen was running in her veins, sharp not only with her blade but also her cunning words. Managing her family's delivery company while finishing her studies of engineering and the eastern blade, she decided to turn into different things like working as a dancer and a waitress. The cold and captivating stare of her silver eyes is only but an act of her warm heart that is ready to steal yours at any given opportunity

    Venilia Crowe - Dancer

    Venilia, or Ven as she demands you to address her as she moves her hips for you, is at first glance a very shy, cute woman but while listening to metal and getting into the right mood she will become a wild beast. Are you able to tame her?

    Mia Ashfall - Dancer

    A petite Miqo’te with a bubbly and cheery personality. Losing her parents while on a pilgrimage for the Goddess of Love Menphina, Mia was raised by her loving Lalafell adoptive parents. To give back some appreciation to the lovely couple who raised her, and brought light back into her life, the Miqo’te picked up cooking. That’s where she discovered her love for cookies and she has steadily improved the taste of them and loves sharing those with other people. Deciding, that she couldn’t become any better back at home, Mia decided to travel and pick up more knowledge and skills. A friend she met during those travels, dragged the cookie-loving cat along to a club, where she discovered that her passion for dancing is just as big as her passion for cookies. Now, Mia, while still a bit shy towards strangers at first, is a new dancer with both a passion for her profession, as well as cookies.