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Please DO NOT use the Exile discord as it has been compromised. If you are on there leave. We are in the process of creating a new server

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    Odin - Lavender Beds Ward 17 plot 28

    Open every Monday 8:00pm to 11:00pm Server Time!

    Exile is a Heavy Metal nightclub that hosts themed nights every now and again! We are nestled away in the quaint forest of the Lavender Beds.
    Come along and mosh out to the music played by our inhouse DJ, hire an Exile or two to dance for you in the comfort of one of our private booths and try one of our carefully crafted cocktails at the bar!
    All are Welcome! We offer a safe space for every resident of Eorzea!

    Sponsored by:

    Wonderland - Odin

    © Exile - All Rights |Reserved


    Rooms can only be booked if hiring a dancer!

    • Strictly no minions or weapons are permitted at the venue. Hide them before entering.

    • All public chat (say shout yell) and emotes are to stay 100% SFW.

    • Screenshots are likely to be taken on the premises coming to Exile means that you are happy to have your picture taken.

    • If you intend to be in character it is recommended to use the RP tag so that other people know.

    • Yell channel is only to be used by the staff of Exile.

    • No gil is required for any of the drinks/snacks we offer. Although tips and donations are hugely appreciated.

    • Please keep your pants on when in the venue!


    • Not following the above rules, disrupting our events, harassing staff and/or others in the venue will earn you a permanent ban.


    Exile's main focus is to bring people together for a night of great music and dancing!

    We have a variety of Dancers at Exile, all ready to be hired. Just message our Booking Manager to get more information and/or to book.

    The Dancers will be on the main stage and on the dancefloor.

    Each available dancer will have the green Looking for Group icon next to their name.


    Regular Rooms1-3 in group4-5 in group6+ in group
    1 Exile100,000200,000350,000
    2 exiles150,000250,000450,000
    3 exiles200,000325,000525,000
    4 exiles250,000400,000600,000
    Pool Room1-3 in group4-5 in group6+ in group
    1 exile175,000300,000550,000
    2 exiles250,000400,000650,000
    3 exiles325,000475,000725,000
    4 exiles400,000550,000800,000

    All prices are per 30 minutes

    There is a strict NO TOUCHING policy in Exile


    Head Office

    Elucia Fhey - Owner

    Fierce, flirtatious but fun. These are the three words that go around when people speak of the Queen of Exile, Elucia Fhey.

    This exotic miqo'te has risen to the challenges paved before her and created a place for the metal enthusiasts to gather and a home to her beloved ones.

    But beware, for she will up the ante and knows just what strings to pull to make even the most daunting men in Eorzea tremble nervously before the Queen of Metal.

    Dare you dance with this metal royalty?

    Sarnai Oronir - Co-Owner

    Sarnai is a Xaela Bounty Hunter from Garlean occupied Werlyt. Originally ontracted by the Empire to hunt down cults and religious sects that aimed to summon primals, she now works as security for other venues. However her stern demeanour, focus and leadership qualities got her a head office position in Exile. While not much of a dancer anymore, she works to ensure all guests and staff enjoy their time at Exile. Don't get on her bad side though, Primals aren't the only thing she's willing to beat the shit out of.

    Pinku Usagi - Staff Supervisor and Venue Manager

    Pinku is a fun and flirtatious Viera with ambitious plans for Exile. She is full of gusto and is ready to rock this joint to the next calamity!
    Pinku is in charge of the Bookings for Private Rooms and Dancers.
    She is sweet and helpful, but is not afraid to put her foot down at times when it is needed.

    Taihou Tsukiko - Lead Exile

    Rumors tell of a Miqo'te whose alluring charms have caused many men as well as women to walk out of the doors of Exile unable to remember anything but the taste of a dirty Exile in their mouth, and the mesmerizing dreams of Taihou in their heart. This sexy feline lady has the skills to move her curves to make your heart race while her voice will make you forget the world outside that private booth. Only enter the same room with her, if you are truly prepared to be smitten


    Saxy Moon

    Some love him, some hate him but there’s no denying the success Saxy has had in the industry. Saxy was brought up as an Astrologian and took several courses based on the teachings of the people of sharlayan. Although no longer an Astrologian, he claims to still follow a lot of their teachings.

    At 16 he decided to run away from home after finding out she was adopted. He later joined various rock bands where he sang & played guitar in them with relative success. After suffering from vocal chord problems he decided to try his hand at electronic music and later released his EP “Alexander”.



    Exile Staff are the best!

    Sam Blackwing

    The isolationism of the Veena bored Sam as much as the outside world enticed her so she left her village at a young age to explore the world and unravel its mysteries. She will happily listen to your stories and tell her own but don´t try and mess with her or the people she cares about because a century of facing the dangers on the road has made her equally as dangerous.

    Miss Messy

    Despite the cheerful and outgoing nature this red head Viera is extremely reserved about her private life and her past.
    Don't let her usually caring and joyful demeanor fool you, it can change in a moment if someone were to step out of boundaries.

    Saira Merolod

    Being raised in the Raen faith and culture, Saira knows what it takes to ensure the safety of others. Growing up in Kugane means that she is no stranger to life in the city.
    Protecting people is her biggest driving force. Not finding the satisfaction she desired as personal bodyguard to the wealthy she left for Eorzea in pursuit of protecting and caring for others. With her experience among the wealthy she is no stranger to sniffing out shady individuals and making quick work of their attempts at disrupting the lives of those around her.


    Sakura Lotus

    A small Hyur who has been told by her friends that she is cute, with a hair color after her own name, who once fought for the world's salvation.
    She's been through a lot, and knows how to show determination when needed. She has been focusing on other parts of life since her accident, where she lost her eyesight. Sakura allures her customers by reading the colours of their aether.

    Devil Zydar

    After growing up on the streets, it was all dancing that changed Devil's life. While he's always been loved for being different, he knows how to use him gray skin. If you give him a good hand, the room will give it back to you solidly. But remember, under this gray cat's white eyes lies a pretty mischievous personality.

    Bear Cavoi

    Exile's very own Hrothgar!!

    Neih Lynh

    Here to chase away the sadness and the bad mood, Neih is a seemingly cold little cat, but get to know her and you will find that she is more adorable and docile than she seems.
    Always with a smile on her face, she will share it with others through the dance which has greatly fascinated her.
    A little raw and direct, she will do everything possible to make your evening unforgettable and full of emotions for your eyes and more ...
    As for the path she has traveled to reach you, it is up to you to go in search of it.

    Fjord Brenato

    Fjord was never really fond of large crowds, growing up in a small group of travelling Hyur within the cold winters of Coerthas cold and isolation was all he knew. The best way he found to keep warm was dancing always with a partner, now he finds himself in search of a new life surrounded by people of all races, all he needs is a new dancing partner... Could that be you?

    Zola Shadowyrn

    Born and raised in Limsa Lominsa, Zola shares his time between his bookbinding shop by day and is a partygoer and dancer by night! Zola may appear to be quiet and sweet but deep down he is a smoldering inferno. Will you let this miqo'te warm you with his moves and woo you with his sharp tongue?

    Singing Mad

    Singing is a fun, outgoing Viera. After leaving her hometown at a young at of 16, she went round exploring all the different types of venues that she possible could get too. She's a little shy at the start but as soon as she gets going she becomes a different person. She loves to please people and tries her best to make her customers feel special and finds all of them to be cute.

    Selenophilia Orenda

    Selen is 25 years old. She loves to dance, flirt and laugh. The miqo'te lost her parents when she was 13 years old. But she never had to struggle cause her parents left her a whole lot of money. So she does this job for fun not for the money. Selen is a switch that really enjoyes both sides of it. She knows how to play with males and females well, so she prefers no gender.

    Charissa Luteus

    "I live for dance and dance for live. I love it."
    Charissa grew up in Steppe and loved dancing since she was little. With her friendly and funny personality, she has no difficulty in adapting to any environment. She can be really crazy if you can catch her in the mood! Dance is one of her greatest passions. Are you looking for a fun partner for the night? She'll be delighted to dance with you or dance for you. Give her a try for the night.

    Nala Cavoi

    "The best way to heal is to eliminate!" Nala always says, and she has carried that motto with her on her journeys through Eorzea and the like. Always intensely focusing on protecting those she loves and cares about, that passion shows in her movements on stage too. She's ever the people pleaser and an excellent reader of body language, making her quite good at what she does.

    Lillyth Snow

    Born in a backwater province in southern Garlemald, Lillyth never had much in the way of gil or a life, dancing was her only true release from the war torn lands and reality she existed in. When she came of age she ran from home, running to the bright lights of Limsa and Ul'dah working around many of the venues bringing her own brand of dancing as she lets her emotions shine through every action of her dance, weaving a dramatic tale with each subtle twist and turn of her body entrancing all those around and with her.

    Cyn Ultimate

    Sexy Au'ra!

    Bar Staff

    Bar Staff

    Recruitment open

    Bar staff


    Bar Staff

    We are recruiting!


    We are recruiting


    Hinna Luana & Kaia Mahina

    Having long followed the path of hard fighting, Hinna and Kaia at one point faced a turning point in their lives. Tired of all the battles, and wishing to exploit and show the beauty of the world rather than its darker side, they decided after a time spent as dancers to become photographers. Their wish was to immortalize every moment, every memory to create a wonderful canvas, brightening up the world and its darker side.



    Serendipity is a nightclub situated in shirogane offering music of a wide variety ranging from dance to house music and everything in between!
    Serendipity is located at Twintania - Shirogane - Ward 4/Plot 37
    Opening every other Thursday


    Fortuna Club & Casino is an immersive RP venue bringing the darker side of Eorzea to Light. Offering Casino Games, Companion Services, VIP and High Roller options, there are many facets to enjoy. Throughout the night we will explore the continuing story of Fortuna, its Staff, and bring you the Patrons along for the ride. Even we don't know what will happen next.

    The Dragon's Roost

    The Roost is a small homely Tavern that welcomes all to its warm cozyiness! please come make yourself at home and relax unwind and have some good food and drink with freinds or even make new ones!

    The Luminary

    The Luminary Is a mature Nightclub taking you back in time every Monday with music from the '80s -'00s. Our talented bar-staff are eager to server you drinks from our special menu or if you want to spice up your night, take a look at what services our lovely dancers have to offer. We hope to see you shine on the dance floor.


    Singularity is a club & casino located in the lavender beds. The club has it's iconic monochrome colour palette, plays music of all genres and hosts events every few weeks.
    We offer VIP experiences, gambling booths, event nights and dancers with a variety of services!


    Venom is a very dark themed demonic Nightclub.
    Our Sin eaters are trained to lure out your deepest desires and wishes.
    But be warned, they'll devour your souls if you're not careful.